William Grant Turnbull


william turnbull standing on the end of an anvil

Turnbull has spent the last decade focusing on all forms of metalwork – from state of the art welding techniques to traditional blacksmithing – in order to become a successful public sculpture artist.

Since earning his MFA with a focus on public sculpture in May 2008 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Turnbull established a fabrication, prototyping and artist-supply business – 11th-hour Heroics, LLC.

He has continued to pursue public art and is currently a member of the Wisconsin Arts Board Percent-for-Art mentorship program.
Turnbull's work explores the intersection of themes including traditional agriculture, gardening, botany, entomology and the tools that make those pursuits possible.

"I sculpt allegorical hybrids that appear as cross-pollinations between forms found in nature and methods of industry. I believe that a bio-mimetic approach to design is the most effective and elegant solution to any visual or engineering problem."

Turnbull grew up in South Florida and earned a BFA in art and art history from the Kansas City Art Institute. He has lived and worked in Madison since 2004.

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