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Flowfield (2008)

flowfield from rooftop

Flowfield was originally funded by a City of Madison Arts Commission BLINK grant. It graced the rooftop-courtyard of the UW Madison Humanities Building from January until August of 2008. Click here to read a news article about the project.
 flowfield visitors from aboveflowfield visitors up close
The 2-ton, wind-activated kinetic sculpture required 9 months for the approval of 14 different offices, and 5 weeks to fabricate. It contains more than 2,200, 7-foot-tall forged 'wheat stalks.' If laid end-to-end, Flowfield would reach well over 4 miles.
flowfield at nightflowfield at night from roof

Flowfield is on long-term loan at the UW Hancock Agricultural Research Station garden, about an hour-and-a-half north of Madison along Interstate 39. A section of it can be seen from the highway, waving in the wind. It resides there indefinitely, unless somebody really, really, really wants it... and brings a semi-truck.

flowfield at hancock
Thanks to: Alex Wong, Amanda Girard, Truman Lowe, Leslee Nelson, Karin Wolfe, Aris Georgiades, Rebecca Quigley, UW College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Wisconsin Agricultural Research Service

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