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Hortisculpture Series II


To be installed at UW-Madison's Allen Centennial Gardens in fall 2009, this series consists of twelve elegant leaf-like sculptures that will ‘sprout’ from the large pots under the Gardens' main pergola. Each leaf-form mimics traditional gardening tools: a ginko leaf becomes a rake, a pair of arrowhead leaves become shears, and an elm leaf becomes a spade. This project simultaneously teaches lessons in botany, technology, biology and blacksmithing, all while celebrating a beloved Madison landmark. Hortisculpture Series is funded in part by a grant from the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission and by a private donation to the Gardens.
hortisculpture series
top L-R: hoe-sprout, flat shovel-leaf, thin spade-leaf, shovel-leaf, edger-sprout, pitch-vine
bottom L-R: secateur-sprout, sickle-leaf, sythe-leaf, fern-saw, shear-leaves, ginko-rake

hortisculpture under pergola
schematic of partial Hortisculpture Series under the Gardens' main pergola

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